Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services is still considered as the number 1 channel for marketing of your company or the brand. Smart businesses utilize the power of email marketing in strengthening the power of their business. It is also time saving as by just a click of a button the information can reach the masses. Email marketing companies provides professional services of not just email marketing but also newsletter services and market in a way that attracts more people and subscribers of the company are increased manifold. Thus, this art is still used to capture the attention of the masses but one should surely learn how to use it in a right and a smart manner! It still is the best method of official communication.


Email Marketing Process:

It is necessary to increase the visibility and customer attention for your brand. If your brand/website is known to the masses it is more likely that they will make a purchase and that turns in generating more sales. The email marketing process includes the following things:

  • Custom Newsletter Designing
  • Customer Mailing List Generation
  • Auto responder Software Setup
  • Squeeze Page & Opt-In Box Design
  • Email Auto Responder Sequence
  • Conversion Tracking & Improvement


What exactly we do in Email Marketing?

  1. Email Copywriting

 If you are not using email marketing services in India you are missing on a great tool to market your brand or your website. It can strengthen the core of your business like no other marketing strategy would do and to create an effective email marketing campaign, one need to seek the services from a professional email marketing services company. They are specialized in creating highly effective campaigns which will result in increasing the loyal customers of your own.


  1. Email Marketing Software Setup

 Auto respond software is a great tool for enhancing your email marketing efforts and to increase the number of loyal customers for your brand. It sends emails at a specific time and even to a specific member in your list and allows you to do many such advance level things. So basically schedule broadcast, email marketing automation, management of the list are the services this tool provides.


Why Email Marketing is necessary for any company?

  • Easy to reach the masses as according to reports 80% of the people are using mails on their smart phones devices.
  • It is used far more than Facebook and Twitter.
  • In the e-commerce market customer acquisition via emails have increased to a significant amount.
  • Through email marketing, the ROI offered is still the highest.


Why Us?

Amfill is a team of experts who provides email marketing services in India. They are professionals and have learned this art and method to increase the strength of a business in a much effective way. It is very important to understand that email marketing is not just about sending couple of junk emails every day to a list of people, it is much more than that and to do it in a right manner you have to seek professional help. So, fill out the ‘contact us’ form and get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements.