What Are Google Algorithms?

Google Algorithms are key factors in ranking a website on Google Search Engines Results Page (SERP). The word ‘Algorithm’ means a set of rules and guidelines which are to be followed in problem solving operations.

Google uses different sets of algorithms to rank websites on particular keywords. The search engine also uses approx. 200 ranking signals while ranking websites on top of search results.

When a user searches for his/her queries, the website coming in the top most results enjoys most of the traffic. Such websites ranks high because they follow guidelines by Google.

Moreover, since there is always high competition among the websites to rank high; Google also amends its algorithm to select the best content from pool of websites.

Here Are Some Major Google Algorithms Which Should To Be Followed While Striving For Ranking High In SERP –

Panda Update

Google Algorithms - Panda update is helpful in eliminating duplicate or low quality content.
Google Algorithms – Panda Update

Launched in 2011, Google Panda update is an influential update. It focuses on ignoring websites which contains duplicate or low quality content.

In addition to it, it helped readers to only engage with websites having original and useful content. Thus, it has largely helped businesses in understanding the powerful and creative role of digital marketing.

Penguin Update –

Google Algorithms Penguin update is dedicated to diminish the low quality link websites on Search Engines Results Page.
Penguin Update

Google launched the Penguin Algorithm update in 2012. The main purpose of this update was to diminish the sites with low quality links on SERP.

It further helped readers to find relevant content on high ranking websites. The trend of buying links form irrelevant sites was substantially reduced.

Penguin Update was officially announced as a major update in Google Algorithms, it also focused on using a particular keyword too many times on a page.

If any site has been penalized by Google for violating the Penguin update, one way to recover is to remove all the spammy links from the third party websites.

Hummingbird –

Google Algorithm Hummingbird update is a more practical approach for ranking websites on Google search engine results page.
Hummingbird Update

Another addition to the Google Algorithms is the Hummingbird update sildentadal.com/. It was launched in August 2013. The prime objective of this Google Algorithm was to make long-tail keywords searchable.

It further focused on more conversational and human searches. This gave Google searches a more practical approach. The results on SERP after the Hummingbird update were also backed by use of synonyms and other related words.

Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm update also focused on more logical semantics i.e. voice searches and local searches. Because of the same, it is easier to find “best Italian restaurant near me” now than before of the Hummingbird update.

Pigeon –

When a user searches for a business nearby, google algorithm ranks users nearby business on top.
Pigeon Update

The next Google Algorithm is Pigeon update which eased the local search process for a user. It enables a business to be shown in the searches when the user is near the business.

Businesses which are closest to the user will rank high on his search results. Nevertheless, If your website is highly optimized as per local Search Engine Optimization; there are chances for your business website to emerge on the search results.

Mobilegeddon  –

Mobilegeddon update lets mobile friendly websites rank high then web pages which are not mobile friendly.
Mobilegeddon Update

Since many of Google searches are done on mobile phones, the purpose of Mobilegeddon was to ensure that mobile friendly page websites ranks high on the search results.

Since Google searches in the recent times has seen drastic changes in the behavior of users; Google is dedicated to bring the best results for the users.

Conclusion –

Google dominates all the search engines when it comes to dealing with customer queries. To achieve this; Google algorithms were developed. These updates not only helped users, it also assisted the search engines to filter good quality content websites and then shows it to the users. Apart from these, there are also several other factors such as Website speed, Domain age etc which determines website ranking in the Google’s Search Engines Results Page.

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