How To Increase Your Content’s Readability

A good content can indeed do wonders in gaining the interest of your target customers. Every digital marketer, content writer, blogger strives to get attention of their readers by writing great content. This not only helps the website to increase content’s readability but also helps in readers engagement with the content.

However, it may sometimes become difficult to understand the need of room of improvement in the content. But if your reader are engaging less or the readability score is going down, there is certainly need to change the way you write content.


So What Is Good Content’s Readability?

Readability of the content defines the ability to read, good readability defines good content. A poor written content will lead to bouncing of the reader. This will increase the bounce rate thus decreasing the website ranking and statistics.

Businesses having poor readability of websites may eventually loose in getting conversions in a period of time. A good content in the today’s world is a must to make your visitor stick to you.


The Benefits Of Good Readability


More traffic

Drive More Traffic With Good Content's Readability

Traffic on the website is the number of people which comes to your website. Only good content on the website can attract large numbers of readers. Thus, generating good quality content is the need of the hour for overall progress of the website/blog.


Better rankings

Good Content leads to higher ranks

Websites with good rankings enjoys traffic of readers and potential customers.  These potential customers are further converted in to actual customers.Most of the websites good in ranking enjoys good organic traffic.


Tips To Generate Good Content


Keep your paragraphs short

Write short paragraphs in content.

Don’t force all the content in to one paragraph; leave something for other paragraphs as well. Use bullet points, sub heading whenever needed.

This will make the content look neat and will prompt the visitor to go through all your content. For businesses dealing in a lot of products and services, writing great and engaging technical content takes lot of time and effort. Hence, they opts for professional Technical Writing Services which enhance the quality of the content. This also helps them to convey their technical information in easy manner.


Shorten your sentences

Writing shorter sentences makes things more understandable to the reader. Make sure to break a long sentence in to two smaller ones.


Shorten Words As Well

Use Short Words While Writing

Avoid using skyscraper words which are long in alphabets. Using short words will make the sentences easier to understand.


Use Active Voice

For beginners, it usually takes time to be habitual of writing sentences in the active voice constantly. Go through it and always try to write in active voice.


Use Images, Videos And Infographics

Use of videos in content has increased user engagement in over a period of time.

Creating good content will indeed generate more readability among readers, however to achieve the next goal of customer engagement will need a little extra effort. The use of images, videos and infographics will make the content more informative and engaging.

Explaining things with graphs, charts and inforgraphics makes the theoretical info easier to understand, thus, improving the overall readability as well as reader’s engagement.


Be focused

Always write content with focusing to a point, engaging, informative, interesting, relevant and true to the best of your knowledge. Never ever duplicate the content you write on the web. All the website with good rankings and organic traffic are because of their down the line focused content which turns better content’s readability.

If you are writing such content, chances are most likely that your website, blog will be down rated by the Google and may not turn up on search engine’s results.



The reader coming to the website wants information. After all only the good content will make his purpose fulfill to website surfing. Provide the best of content to encourage readability as well as user engagement.

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