Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay per click (PPC) is also known as cost per click(CPC). It is an advertising model in which the advertisers make a payment to the publisher whenever the ad that is displayed is clicked. In simple words it is the money spent in making an advertisement clicked by a prospective user/buyer of a product or service.

At Amfill, most advanced Pay Per Click management service (PPC service) is provided where our job will be to manage your PPC accounts in a most efficient manner by reducing your overall Ad spends and at the same time getting more targeted clicks. Thus, accelerating the growth of your ROI. This is the most affordable way of website advertising and helps a lot in acquiring new customers and increases the organic rankings of your website as well. It increases your brand’s internet visibility in time consuming manner and lets you do the search engine marketing in a proper manner. To achieve lowest cost per clicks we offer optimized website content writing services as well.


PPC Management Services Offerings at Amfill

Google AdWords Management

Among various PPC networks available, Google Adwords is the most used and properly managed platform. We at Amfill can help you in managing your account and to help you in getting the best results at comparatively low CPC.


Display Network

It basically helps you in increasing your sales by increasing your website credibility by getting your adwords published on various websites that is related. This all happens so that your conversions become high on your display network campaigns.



Re-marketing increasing the chances of bringing your consumers back by re-engaging the interested consumers and also by reminding them about the business, product or services that we impart so that they visit the website again and may decide to make a purchase this time. By doing so you can increase the loyalty of the consumers and re engage them again. Outsourcing the pay per click services becomes the most convenient way of doing so.


Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook has the highest reach and is the most popular social network in India that hits almost all the type of audience. It has a global reach and if we learn to use this largest network to represent the company, it will be represented in front of millions of people in no time. To sell or market our products we should definitely not miss this mode.


Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Process to Minimize CPC & Increase CTR

  1. Setup Of Your Ad Accounts
  2. In-Depth Research Of Targeted Keywords And Other Low CPC Keywords
  3. Keywords, Ad Groups, Ad Copy & Targeting Setup
  4. Creation Of Landing Page & Manage High Quality Score
  5. Conversion Tracking & Split Testing
  6. Negative Keywords & On Going Management


How our pay per click services can help achieve your business goals?

Pay per click can turn into a money generating marketing channel only if it is done correctly and that can be done by outsourcing it to a company specialized in pay per click services as it:

  • Brings traffic from Google and other networks as well like Bing, Yahoo and more.
  • Has become the fastest way to reach the audience generic levitra from india
  • Is helpful in keyword research
  • Provides keyword recommendations
  • Has total control of where and when the ads are published

Therefore, you can choose Amfill a leading PPC services company in India and you have one less thing to worry about. Amfill will curate to all your needs and meet all your requirements in a manner you always wanted.



CPC – Cost Per Click

PPC – Pay Per Click

CTR – Click Through Rate