SMS Marketing Services

SMS Marketing has never been any easier with the presence of professional SMS marketing companies. Their job is to make your lives simpler by sending messages to the list of the people telling them about your brand and use the tool to market in a way that is more personalized and effective. Another service close to this is email marketing services that are also very effective in reaching the masses in a very quick time. You can create better relationships with your contacts by communicating in such an easy and efficient manner. Tell them about the daily announcements, latest schemes in a way that is hard for them to miss!


What are the services that we offer?

SMS marketing is a great tool to communicate with your contacts whether you want to send company information or some latest scheme offering discounts or any other thing you think they should know. To avail the SMS marketing services is the best decision ever. We will tell you why:

  • It is Powerful

Do you know it is the fastest mode to reach a larger audience and in 95% of the cases the delivered SMS are read by the recipients within 5 minutes? Thus a better relationship can be formed which is meaningful, personal and also productive.

  • It is Flexible

It offers a flexible feature that lets you increase your new contact additions number and also helps in tracking every sent message with advance tech tools.

  • Watch the results improving and benefit from this very effective campaign that lets you do more in less time, effort and also money.


Why Us?

People these days seldom leave their homes sans phones and this is exactly why SMS marketing is the easiest and the most effective way to increase the sales and to market your brand or the website. It offers unparalleled opportunities to reach the masses and to keep them informed at almost all times. We at Amfill have powerful tools that will help reach a larger audience in literally no time, enabling you to market your product better, promote your services and to make announcements. According to reports it has 10 times better open rates as compared to emails. So give a chance to Amfill and see how SMS marketing becomes fun and easy. There will literally be no one you can’t reach!